Autumn in Old Salem

Autumn in Old Salem, NC



















After my last post it was back to reality:  the start of the school year seemed to signal the Busy Season for everyone.     Add to that some unexpected family crises and some unexpected bills and I was beginning to grumble under my breath that this summer was for the birds.  Fortunately the situations have improved, the summer heat has left us behind, and it is on to a fresh start.  That’s what this shift in the season has always signified to me, even though I’ve been out of school for a while.  No longer am I sharpening pencils and organizing my worksheets, but instead little things like blocking my handknit sweaters or putting on jeans for the first time in months signify a change in attitude this time of year.  Simple acts such as stacking firewood, airing out our quilts and blankets, hearing crunchy leaves and taking a sip of hot coffee and seeing whether its cold enough to see your breath in the morning just make me really appreciate life.  So when we had this weekend free and an opportunity to visit a friend, we jumped on it, taking advantage of our outdoor time.

First stop was the farmer’s market.  A superior assortment of lovely fruits and vegetables, locally processed meat, and fresh baked goods. We got the gluten-free bread and the fresh blackberry jam for the next day’s breakfast, and some homemade cheese popcorn for the current day’s snack.




Next up:  a stroll through the cemetery at Old Salem and through the Salem College gardens.  A light breeze and serene surroundings.  A lovely garden that would make any gardener envious.






A tasty lunch and some snacks rounded out the afternoon.  Antipasti, a savory crab-artichoke dip, and caprese salad skewers along with some Bloody Marys and bubbly sent us floating on our way.


A great visit with a friend and a perfect fall weekend to be out and about.  I hope you enjoyed yours!  I look forward to seeing all of YOUR pictures soon!

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