OK, I admit it…

…I get busy.  And I forget to write about what’s been going on because it seems mundane or not particularly worthy of reading about.  Time goes on.  Then one day I step back and I get proud of what I’ve accomplished, because even little, seemingly insignificant things can add beauty to the big picture.

So here’s a short list of things I’ve been up to lately:

*  Half of my fall garden is in the ground:  a last round of green beans, kale, mustard, lettuce, cabbage, brussels sprouts, Delicata squash, beets, broccoli, and carrots.  The garlic will go in soon, and a cover crop of crimson clover on the rest.  Fresh mulch has been spread and I’m working on adding some perennials into the bare patches throughout the landscape.

*  Making STUFF for a friend’s baby shower.  STUFF I can’t post about yet, but its AWESOME STUFF and I hope she loves it.  I still have a bit more to do tonight and tomorrow.

*  Prepping for a family visit!  Yes, I probably over-prepare, but thats only so we can do the fun stuff and enjoy our time together while we have it vs. stressing about running out after dinner-makings or paper towels.  Our usual mode is to SuperClean, then to make a HugeMess and then do it all over again.

Our house is small, and our guests have to have a place to sleep, so this also led me to completely organize the guest/storage room which had become a temporary dumping ground for everything.  I donated books.  I repurposed an IKEA dresser that had falling-out bottoms into a sewing cabinet:  fabric on top, notions and ribbons in the middle, and thread/tools in the bottom.  An old media storage cabinet now stores all of my papercrafting and printing supplies, while there’s now a storage section in the closet for yarn.  I was even able to rehang the horrible, awful, bane-of-my-existence sliding track doors that had long since fallen off.  Yay, no longer a hazard to toddler nieces (or clumsy adults!)

I threw out.  Oh, how I threw out.  Goodbye, senseless clutter.  I have a much more discriminating eye than when I was younger and now if its not useful or beautiful, its probably on its way out over here.  One of the things I had cluttering up my life was a collection of recipes, articles, photos, magazine tear-outs, dog-eared pages, post-it flagged papers of interest filling binders and accordion folders full of space.  I’ve saved these since high school.  Some handwritten on scraps of paper or typed on tiny cards, others were whole pages of newspaper I saved and now can’t remember why!  Many of them were from magazines I subscribed to and the sources are now available online.  Some of my tastes have changed, some of the recipes were a flop, and I realized that Pinterest has pretty much become my new overflowing binder full of ideas, just in a much more manageable and convenient form.  I picked out a few favorites and ditched the rest.  Weight off my shoulders, and dust out of my home.

Pinterest is such a great resource of inspiration, here’s a few other projects I’ve done that have made a difference in my life:

This shelf in my microscopic bathroom

These drawer dividers for my kitchen

Tension rod storage for under the sink, as well as the clothes closet

Made this supreme mushroom soup, this favorite again, and looking at these for a weekend meal for six.

While doing some sewing, I decided to recover my ugly ironing board.  What was I sewing?  It may have included some of these cuties.

And made a few more cheap lanterns to fit in with our Moroccan lanterns on our deck.

Just like that.  🙂

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