Oh my, Mud Pie!

Today is my sweet honey’s birthday.  And before he could even ask for it, before he could even hint about it, I knew I’d be making the dessert he has loved since childhood:  the decadent Mud Pie.

For a guy that doesn’t drink coffee (I know, I KNOW!) it was a surprise to me at first that he loved this coffee ice cream based concoction.  The coffee is really just a vehicle for the chocolate in this recipe, something about that rich coffee flavor brings out the smoothness and depth of the chocolate in this pie.  For a true chocolate lover, this pie brings it all with a chocolate graham cracker and butter crust, chocolate chips, fudge topping, and shaved chocolate to garnish the top.

Is your mouth watering yet?  Lets get started.

First:  assemble your ingredients.  You’ll need a box of chocolate graham crackers, and you’ll use two of the inner packs to make your crust.  Get about 3/4-1 stick of butter melted, a quart of coffee or espresso chip ice cream of your choice, a jar of fudge topping, a chocolate bar for shaving, and some cream for whipping.

Mud Pie ingredients

Your next task is to take a zippered plastic bag and to seal those graham crackers in there, taking a heavy rolling pin or thick drinking glass and crushing those crackers until they resemble dry dirt.  Tasty, tasty dirt.

Crushing the graham crackers

Now that they’re all nice and crushed (they don’t have to be perfect, by any means, just enough to maintain some texture without turning to dust, but not enough so you’ve got recognizeable cracker bits in there), put them in a mixing bowl and slowly mix in your melted butter on low speed.  I used about 3/4 of a stick, or about 6 tablespoons.  You want just enough butter to moisten the cracker crumbs so they hold together without getting a gummy, sticky texture.  It should look like well worked soil (minus the earthworms).

Crumbs in the bowl…

This will allow you to take the graham cracker crumbs and smooth them into a springform cake pan or a simple pie pan.  Cover the bottom first, press down gently with waxed paper or a small baggie over your hand, and then start working your way up the sides.  Make it nice and thick, a little less than 1/4 inch works well for me. You can put this in the freezer for a couple of minutes if you want to, but its not necessary, it should hold its shape well if you didn’t overbutter.  If you did, just chill it and press it into the pan again and it should hold onto the sides just fine.

graham cracker crust!

Now for the fun part (not that it hasn’t been fun up to this point….)  Take your ice cream out and put it in the microwave for a minute.  Don’t worry, it won’t all melt.  It will melt *just enough*.  Just enough to dump into the center of that crust and push, mush, and shape with your clean fingertips.  Go on.  Get in there!  Spread that ice cream all the way to the edges.  Get a good first layer down there.  Work quickly, as the ice cream will begin to melt rapidly, and stick it in the freezer to rest while you’re working on the next layer.

Ice cream layer

Following the ice cream addition, we move on to our fudge topping.  In hindsight, I would have used a gallon of ice cream and maybe only 3/4 of this jar of fudge, I had not quite enough of one and too much of the other, but your mileage may vary.  But I microwaved the fudge about a minute and a half, just enough to make it pliable and slightly pourable but not enough to turn the ice cream layer into soup.  I slathered it on.

fudge layer

Following the addition of the fudge layer, I stuck the pie back in the freezer.  At this point, the birthday boy is hovering and asking exactly how long it has to rest before he gets a slice.  Patience.  Not too long.  All that’s left is a little whipped cream (yay, Ninja blender!) and some shaved Hershey’s milk chocolate on top of that.

Finished pie!

All that is left to do is enjoy!  This recipe should make about 10 servings.  Multilayered goodness, and a very happy man on his birthday.  No candles required.

Would you like a slice of pie?

3 thoughts on “Oh my, Mud Pie!

  1. I used to get Mud Pie at Friday’s restaurant all the time and they discontinued it. I was so sad about it, but now it’s all okay because you’ve made some for a birthday! YAY! I will have to follow your recipe!

  2. my first visit to Maui (1st US experience coming from NZ!) tasted mud pie – didn’t drink coffee either, but oh la la American Mud Pie was to die for! Thanks for the recipe. We don’t have all the same ingredients but I’m sure can find some substitutes….. looking forward to trying anyway.

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