Summer: these are a few of my favorite things

The summer scorching is upon us and so far we have survived.  Here’s a short list of things that have made life bearable in the Georgia heat so far this summer:

Edy’s Lemonade Fruit Bars–ohhh so refreshing.

Penzey’s Spices–Everything here is wonderful, but their salad dressing blends are divine this time of year on summer salads.

Chill Tie–when you’re out doing home visits, staying cool is difficult.  This helps, and looks slightly classier than a soaked bandana or hand towel.

Terrapin Beer–its tasty, and its right down the way.


Fall seeds and starts have been ordered.  Next on the list:  long term irrigation plans.  Share your knowledge with me!  How do you best irrigate your garden in times of drought?  What do you find most cost-effective and least time-consuming?

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