Where the magic happens…and by magic I mean SLEEP.

I’ve been struggling with how to revamp my bedroom ever since I moved into this place.  For years I was secretly glad about the neutral color even though I was annoyed at the previous owners for sloppy work and not painting the closets before they left.  It went well with bedding I moved in with…and then kept for 6 more years.  I still have the tacky, now nearly dry-rotted vinyl blinds, the hand me down and thrift store bedside tables.  Not repainted like I told myself I would.  And (shudder), I still have some furniture left over from my ex-husband’s family, and some my new husband brought with him that is now falling apart.  I’ve been looking for replacements for years, but good furniture is expensive, y’all!  And for years I told myself, well, no one sees it but us.  So its been neglected.  My bedroom just…needs help.  I’ve been indecisive.  I got a new mattress.  That helped my feelings about the room but didn’t do a THING to improve the look.

Now it is slowly coming together.

where the enemy sleeps

I found a bedding set I liked (contemporary, natural, not too feminine, not too angular, quilted top not just a cheap comforter).  I ordered some nice new modern looking furniture yesterday NOT from Ikea and with no particle board or fiberboard (read:  cardboard) to be found.  This thrills me to no end and it should be here in a couple of weeks.  As a drawer-over-stuffer, I needed something with real wood and sturdy construction to hold my stuff.  (that is another post entirely, isn’t it?)  Now I need to decide on paint, window coverings, and decor.  I will be so glad to get this done.  I want to make it right.  I want to make it personal, comfortable.  Like us.

I love detail, but I also have to have very minimal texture, unfortunately.  All of the animals sleep in this room with us, and it gets full of animal hair fast.  The fewer places it can collect, the better.  Hence, I like clean lines, smooth surfaces, and it absolutely has to be easy to clean.  The furniture I selected is sleek, modern, and has no carvings or elaborate pulls/knobs for me to catch my hip or clothes on.  Our bedroom is very small.   VERY small.  So while I dream of having a bedroom with a sitting area or even a bookshelf, it is not going to happen while I live here.  I have to squeeze sideways to get to my side of the bed, as it is.  😦

I didn’t like the headboard that went with the furniture set, so I’m making my own out of plywood, quilt batting, and fabric.  Probably something simple like a neutral canvas dropcloth, pulled and stapled around the back to give a padded, quilted appearance.  Easy to vacuum, inexpensive.  I’ve always wanted a headboard but never liked the idea of plain wood or shelving that typical headboards tend to have.  I do not want something else to dust, and I do not want injury from whacking my hand or arm against a hard surface while I’m having a crazy dream.


vanity table

Behind that I am planning on painting that wall a vibrant deep teal to match some of the flower pattern in the quilt.  The other 3 walls I’d like to paint a rich cream or light tan.  The closets will be emptied out and painted the same shade of teal.  My vanity table I’m planning on sanding and painting a bright, energizing orange, similar to the shade in the color scheme.  Hanging up the mirror, maybe painting the frame.

Definitely getting rid of those stupid curtains and cheap ugly blinds as soon as possible.  I’m thinking light filtering, insulating cellular shades and maybe crafting a sleek tailored valance that will go to the ceiling.  I am wondering if I should splurge on some crown molding, while we are at it.  I have a miter saw, its just a matter of figuring out the angles and working on my arm strength to get it up there.  I bet I can do it.

I’m stuck on the area above the bed…I’d like to hang some pictures or some candle sconces, or do a wall decal or something.  What are your thoughts?  I was perhaps thinking framed sepia-toned pet portraits, or a mix of small mirrors, iron work, and various acquisitions from our travels together.

I’m thinking about trying to find or craft an umbrella holder that would support Dan’s crutches, so they don’t rub up against the wall and leave marks.

What makes your bedroom a place to call home?

I’m giving myself a month to post an update with the finished product:  hold me to it!

My dog does not care about the paint colors

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