Chaste Tree Update!

One of the first posts I made here was regarding a
new acquisition for the garden: a couple of chaste trees (Vitex agnus-castus). I had lost a special tree that year, a graceful corkscrew willow tree that swayed over our driveway with each breeze…until that breeze sent it resting on top of our carport. 

Another tree of a different variety (still not sure what that was) came cracking apart during an ice storm the winter before, so I thought I’d plant these to fill in the empty spaces they left behind.

I will admit, they have looked a little puny over the past couple of years: inching taller, some scraggly leaved parts and dried berries hanging on. Not really the vibrance I was looking for. But, patience.

As you can see, its 3 years later and they’re doing just fine.  I’ve done no pruning, no special watering or mulching.  The birds and bees love them, and they bring butterflies here daily.  I’m starting to see the chaste tree more often in local yards, so maybe its not just me recognizing its versatility and easy care.  

There is info about how chaste tree got its name, as well as its uses in herbal medicine here.

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