Boomer, the fortunate one

Boomer was a “last chance” dog, the sticker on his cage said.  The tech at the shelter explained that he was supposed to have been euthanized the day before, but they ran out of time.  So he stayed one more night.  And then we came in that next day and he went home with us.

Boomer wasn’t used to people, or cars, or doorways, and a lot of things that are part of our daily lives.  For the first two months we had him, we couldn’t get him in the house from the backyard unless on a leash, and he would not eat unless we put the food out late at night onto the porch and allow him to eat while we slept.

You’ve come a long way, you fluffy couch potato.

You can click here to donate a bowl of food to an animal in need and maybe grant a last chance to someone else too.  🙂

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