The Low Country Boil

One of my favorite things about large gatherings between old friends is that there is strength and variety in numbers. The culinary delights are no exception. Sharing food and enjoying a community meal always seems to make the experience that much sweeter, but sometimes feeding a crowd and the planning, purchasing, and prepping can add undesired stress. Enter the simple but satisfying Low Country Boil.

While not suited to the shellfish allergic, the boil kept us fed all weekend and allowed for a fair amount of variety from batch to batch. The basic recipe includes onion, garlic, shrimp, corn, and potato, but it is easy to be creative:  our version had spicy smoked sausage and succulent crawfish. Some add crab. All add a healthy sprinkle of your seafood seasoning of choice. I like this recipe from FEAST Magazine, but some have their own special blend and there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple with some Old Bay.  Make it as spicy or mild as you like:  add some lemon!  add some hot sauce!  Make it your own.

After adding your ingredients to the seasoned water and waiting a few minutes, you just drain it and scoop it onto your plate.  When you’re full, just compost the shellfish peels and corncobs (and the plate, if its biodegradable).  Easy, tasty, done, (including cleanup)!

Overabundance is also characteristic of our weekends in the woods:  we have a huge container of leftovers in the fridge that I’ll be enjoying later on tonight.

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