Camping out!

Camping is my favorite spring activity, second only to gardening, and this weekend I get to indulge BOTH of those pleasures, so I’ve got the experience on my mind.

What draws me to spending time in the woods with friends when I could be doing something more productive?  Could it be the beautiful music that is played, not from some car stereo, but from acoustic instruments?  Songs that stand the test of time instead of pop songs that will be forgettable in a few years?

Or is it the wonderful potluck treats that *everyone* pulls out all the stops for every single time?  The grill is always well-tended, and its like the magical buffet that keeps on giving, even late into the night.

Those things are great, no, really, they ARE.  But camping’s not camping without a campfire.  Preferably a BONFIRE.  So we usually have one of those, too.

(This last one happened to be on Guy Fawkes Night, so that’s Guy.  He met an untimely demise after the sun went down.)

What makes spending planned time outdoors special for you?  Do you have certain requirements:  always near water?  in a campground with restrooms?  as far off the beaten trail as possible?  Do you go with friends and extended family or do you prefer to go alone?  What are your favorite campfire snacks and make-ahead treats?  What’s the one thing you wouldn’t leave home without?  Do you keep a journal?  Do you turn your phone off?

For me, as with most things, its all about the people.  The same people return to the land every year, like a family.  Its a priority.  As we break down the last, we are planning the next.  The cycle goes on.  In the fall will be the harvest party.  For now, we are renewed and fortunate to be in one another’s company.

I hear the pile for the fire is extra tall this spring.  🙂

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