Hello, my name is Cat, and apparently its been *years* since my last post. I’m so embarrassed! So in the spirit of One New Leaf at a Time, its never too late to start anew.

The inspiration for this post is that we are now solidly into spring, the last of the cool weather is upon us before it becomes the typical blazing Georgia summer. This weekend we have had soft rain off and on, and there’s not much I love more than listening to the rain fall. When it comes time to replace our roof, I’m marching straight up to get a metal roof installed simply for the lovely resonance it provides. We’re expected to have drought this summer (no big surprise there), so I’m relishing the rain while we have it, and so is our garden. Last weekend we finally completed our planting of our first run of veggies, got our mulch down this week, and now its just weed and pest control followed by sweet, sweet harvest time. Already we have been treated with haricots verts and the delight of stumbling upon a hidden blackberry patch just outside my kitchen door.

So this year our goal was to start as much from seed as possible, and we succeeded! In our garden this year are:

* Edamame
* Tomatillos
* Yellow and Zucchini squash
* Pickling and slicing cucumbers
* Scarlet runner beans
* two types of bush beans and a pole bean
* black beans
* Garlic (sending up scapes now!)
* green onions
* Peppers: bell, New Mexico mild chile, and Jalapeno
* 4 types of hops vines
* okra
* Sugar Baby watermelons
* 7 raspberries
* 6 blueberries
* 12 strawberries
* butterhead lettuce
* romaine lettuce
* Herbs: 2 types of basil, dill, sage, potted mint, cilantro, oregano, lemon thyme, and rosemary
* Overwintered: carrots, broccoli, spinach, and struggling asparagus.

(Wait, aren’t you forgetting something?)

Ahhh, yes. Tomatoes, the red gold of the southern garden.

I didn’t forget about our lovely tomatoes. In fact, quite the opposite. We counted eighty of them. EIGHTY tomato plants. Yellow pear, Arkansas Traveler, Stupice, Early Roma, San Marzano, Martian Giant, and probably a few more varieties I’ve forgotten the names of. We have 2 green babies on one of the Early Romas and I’ve been browsing sauce recipes, recipes for tomato tarts, tomato soup, tomato jam.

Our neighbor to the rear of us has started striking up conversations and kind of looking enviously over the fence.

Don’t worry, neighbor. I think we’ll have enough to share.

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