fall crafty!

For some reason I lose all interest in yarncrafts in the summer: too hot to think about scarves and hats? too hot to tote around yarn? too busy fanning myself to even think about clicking the needles? Yes, yes, and yes.

Although its still running about 80 degrees here on an average day, I’ve picked up the yarn again and made a couple of projects this week! (There, that’s my excuse for ignoring my new blog: yardwork and knitting, well, that and a few days out of town.)

The first project I worked on was a set of handwarmers, which are basically fingerless mitts. I like these because they keep my hands warm while still allowing me to do tedious things like write, knit, and, uh, type on my iPhone. Can’t do that if your fingers are covered! The pattern was found somewhere online, but it is basically a flat cast on of 34 stitches, then a rib stitch, then stockinette, then a smaller rib at the top, seamed up the side with a hole for the thumb. I used scrap yarn and kind of experimented with changing colors and trying to achieve different patterns, with mixed results. I’m not crazy about this pair, but they are cute and will make someone happy.


My next project I was able to complete in a couple of days: the Skully dishcloth! I found the pattern for free onand despite screwing up one row of stitches when they fell off my needle, I think it turned out pretty cute!


I try to make something every year around the holidays for the people in my office (about 30 folks), last year I crocheted little mini stockings and filled them with candy and gave those out, but this year various dishcloths may be the answer, maybe rolled up and with a little bottle of hand lotion.

What are your favorite fall and winter crafts? Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, do you participate in handmade holiday gifting? Are people in your circle of friends/family usually happy and receptive to handmade gifts or do they act annoyed and give you the idea that they think you’re cheap?

I can’t tell her now, but I’m really grateful that my mom taught me how to crochet, how to sew, how to embroider, how to cook well and clean. I think these back-to-basics skills have really served me well in life and have made me more independent, honestly! I feel sorry for people who can’t look into a pantry and see possibilities, who throw out clothes that lose a button or snap, or who don’t know how to dress well for their shape because they don’t really pay attention to how their clothes are made, or they can’t do simple alterations. It feels good, sometimes, to create something out of what other people see as nothing at all. 🙂

2 thoughts on “fall crafty!

  1. I love this post and love the skully dishcloth a lot. I'm so glad you're crafty because while my sister learned all those same talents you have, I spent my time with my nose in a book. Don't know how to cook or craft much. Although, I put buttons and snaps back on and can hem things…it's a start right. Dishcloth here I come. You should totally make more of these and sell them on Etsy. You're GOOD!

  2. Mothers eh – when I was a child, i used to rebel against my mother for trying to domesticate me with all those skills. Now I appreciate them a slife skills, somehow some of them sank in my noggin,not all though. I don't do much handcrafting, but I have recently got into preserving fruit and veg in a big way. Watch family and friends jars full of goodness coming your way :0Your fingerless knits are wonderful, the skull head is pretty cool too. Thank you for sharing.

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