Chaste Tree

Recently I had the homeowner’s ultimate pleasure of Tree Removal From On Top of My House experience, which was like a 1 on a 1 to 10 scale of “How Bad It Could Have Been”: a bent gutter vs. roof destruction is fine with me. I was sad to lose my pretty corkscrew willow tree, but I knew it was not a strong tree to begin with, and had no choice but to let it go.

Really, it just left me with a new dilemma: WHAT TO PLANT NEXT?!

I received a lot of suggestions, but I did not want to plant another maple tree (I love them, but I have 4 of them and wanted something different), or a crape myrtle (everyone here has one or 10, I’m not a huge fan). There were some lovely trees outside the building where I work, but nobody I asked knew what they were! Then a friend sent me a link: chaste tree! To me it looks like a cross between a crape myrtle and a butterfly bush, and I’m always looking for a way to include more blue in the landscape.

Some years in the future, this little guy:


will look like this little guy: 10-15 feet tall. 🙂

chaste tree

I’ve lived here 6 years now, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere other than my parents’ house, and its fun to watch the landscape evolve over time and with the earth’s natural processes and know that someday I’ll leave it behind for new people to appreciate.

3 thoughts on “Chaste Tree

  1. You will LOVE having the vitex in your garden! It is much like a Crape Myrtle in that you can be pretty evil when it comes to pruning, and it just continues to bloom it's little heart out! Mine is only two years old and already about 10 feet tall, so your wait will be short!

  2. From everything I've been able to Google, it seems there are no reports of the berries being toxic to dogs. Now that I've had the chaste trees for a few years, I can say that the tree is not messy at all and the flowers are not sticky, and the dogs have shown no interest in the berries at all, even though they could reach them if they were so inclined. Its a win-win.

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