The Fall Garden

While I was recently up in West Virginia visiting my family the weather that week reminded me so much of the beginning of autumn, with the long shadows and amber light, the smell of burning leaves, a cooler than usual breeze. Since I’ve returned home to Georgian humidity and beating sunlight, I am longing for fall weather, the sound of crisp leaves under my feet, planting perennials, mulching and removing of late-season weeds, and especially the planning of our first fall garden together!


We have enjoyed our spring/summer garden so much: our tomatoes have produced beautifully, our pepper plants are bearing gorgeous jewels of spicy goodness, the okra is tender, and the cucumbers have been delicious. Next year we’ll try something different for our squash, corn, and green beans, which didn’t do so well. This is my partner’s first actual garden: he’s been a road musician for years and often had a nomadic bachelor existence without a lot of time and patience to garden. But we built this 700 sq ft plot together, and we’re prepping it for fall veggies and fruits!


My friend who works with a soil-amendments company left this on my doorstep the other day, what a nice guy! (Look, I know I might be the only person you know excited to get a gift of poop, but stay with me here…) I’m looking forward to incorporating these into the soil. I’m looking at lettuces, collards, and probably some apple trees to go in this year. What are your favorite fall gardening tasks or crops? Have you planted cover crops before? What was successful in your garden this year?

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