Slug Removal–Let them drink beer!

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This year we had a real problem with slugs eating our squash and pepper plants. I had never had this trouble before, so I tried the beer trap solution, and it worked beautifully! Simply take a shallow dish (a saucer, top of a pint container of ice cream, lid, all of these work well) and place it near where the “offenders” hang out, and pour some beer in there (the cheap stuff is obviously best, I’ve found the slugs aren’t nearly as snobby about their brew as I am). Its especially good if you have some homebrew with a little sediment left in the bottom that you weren’t going to consume anyway…just pour it in the trap.

Photobucket (pic courtesy

In the morning, you’ll probably be surprised how many drunk slugs found their way to the trap! (Its the most humane way to go, don’t you think?) Pour them out, refill with beer, and continue to enjoy your slug-free garden!

2 thoughts on “Slug Removal–Let them drink beer!

  1. I do the same thing in my veg plot. Used old plastic bottles to make covered traps, means beer ain't wasted or diluted through rain or evaporation.Very easy to make

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